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A project to expand the world based on a novel written by Minato Kushimachi, using the shared world style. This is a next-generation fantasy planned for Web 3.0, with media franchise development in the form of novels, anime, and games.

Anime Character
Anime Character

Share World Theory & NFTs

In a "Shared World Theory", multiple authors participate in building their own stories within Elysium's Edge's mythos. Secondary works or commercial use of this mythos is NOT RESTRICTED.

Furthermore, NFTs will be utilized to manage and protect the rights of the creators of unique digital creations within ELYSIUM'S EDGE. NFTs also act as safeguards for each participant and their purchase decisions, and makes this project more compatible with Web 3.0.

The world of Elysium's Edge

Alfin, a human girl, is a member of a band of bounty hunters who work for Neville, a benevolent
Demon. Everyday, she explores the ruins in hopes of finding the long lost relics of the Great
Ancient Empire.

Everyone hopes to find the ultimate treasure, a weapon left behind by the Great Ancient
Empire, said to be able to repel monsters and seize empires — "The Relic's Fortress".
The bounty hunters' race to be the one to find the long lost treasure has begun.

Attractive Characters

In the world of ELYSIUM'S EDGE, various characters of numerous races and professions are enjoying their own lives. They explore the ruins of a Great Ancient Empire and fight for the relic, a weapon said to be able to repel monsters and seize empires — "The Relic's Fortress".

JOB - Seeker
A disaster orphan found and adopted by Neville from the disaster area. According to Belle, she is extremely smart and talented as a magician, but Alfin prefers to devote all of her energy to improving her skills as a treasure seeker.
JOB - Blade Dancer
Benevolent Demon
A little rough around the edges, yet at the same time very compassionate, Neville adopted Alfin when he found her in the disaster area. He never gets caught up on the details, which doesn't always serve him well. Flattery gets you far with him, as he will happily buy drinks for people show the slightest bit of admiration, though he frequently regrets it later. He dreams of a quiet life in a villa somewhere in peace.
Belle Sith
JOB - Flame Bomber
She first met Neville during her journey acquiring the different arts of magic. She is a tranquil soul who speaks with a touch of sultry. She has taken on the role of becoming Alfin's sister after she was orphaned, and taught Alfin how to read and write.
JOB - Shooter/Pilot
A hunter's son who first came to Neville to learn swordsmanship. After failing to excel in the art of the sword, he honed his family craft as a hunter and became an archer. He eventually becomes the pilot of the Relics Fortress "Espada" found in the ruins.
Relic's Fortress
A machine that appeared to protect Alfin's birth village when dragons attacked. Neville salvaged the broken machine and customized it with Alfin. It has been altered to focus solely on mobility and


2024/2/27Official Website Open
2024/3/2Featured in NFT Media
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